A note from Tam, our head snackologist and the founder of Snack Packs

In my younger years, I found out that I had an egg and nut allergy which limited my options on what I could eat. As you might know, egg is an ingredient that is in the majority of foods and snacks. I wasn’t allowed to have desserts or certain foods in restaurants. I had to be extra careful at family or friends’ parties and it wasn’t until I was in my late 20s, I tasted my first birthday cake.

When I became a parent, I tried my best to find healthier snacks not only to be good for my children but snacks they would enjoy eating.

Even as a young adult, I have always been very curious and asked myself why there were virtually no snacks or food options that did not cater for people like myself who had any allergies. So when I got the chance to start my own business, I knew the answer.  In that spirit of wonder and hope, the Snack Packs journey began.

Over the years, there has been a revolution in healthier and ‘free from’ foods. Whether you have any allergies, intolerances or require specific types of foods due to a lifestyle change, there are a lot more alternatives available now. Snacks have become more innovative and there is now a lot more variety of healthier options to choose from.

In time, I have also discovered that a few family members have to be on strict diets due to health reasons but still craved having a snack sometimes. Some of my friends are just trying to get into better snacking habits and wish to try these healthier snack options rather than the traditional snacks that they have always been used to. Furthermore, Covid has made many of us re-examine our eating habits, I think, and many people have decided to search for options that will support a healthier lifestyle without having to sacrifice favourite treats.  This may result in a better chance of not returning to comfort snacks which are tempting but not health-promoting. However, we offer snacks which are tempting and health-promoting!

At this point in time, we are offering vegan snack packs or gluten-free snack packs but with the support of my lovely family, great team and our ever-growing loyal customers we will strive to incorporate more snack packs to cover even more allergy options in the future.

We always endeavour to listen to others and consider their needs and wants.  I have, personally, always been proactive in my approach to life’s difficulties and the way to address these.  Snack Pack's flexibility of product range is an extension of my own thinking and my positive attitude.  It can match particular tastes and cravings without compromising dietary requirements.

There’s something for everyone. That’s our approach to life. What could be better!