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Everyone at Snack Packs endeavours to curate quality and cost effective healthy snacks mailed to your door. Our snack boxes are either vegan or gluten free and some months we  provide a mix of both.

Even if you do not have a gluten free dietary requirement you can still benefit from just simply swapping your unhealthy traditional snacks to these healthier snack options.

Feedback from our regular customers who do not normally have gluten free snacks all say they don’t feel guilty having these healthier snack options, plus they do not feel that they are compromising on flavour because they all are pleasantly surprised at how good these treats taste. All of our team members have tried every single snack, sometimes numerous times just to be extra sure, or that’s what we were told when stocks would disappear…

Gluten free diet can offer many health benefits especially for those with celiac disease because anyone suffering from celiac disease know that consuming gluten can affect their immune system and damages the lining of their small intestine. Also, cutting back on gluten encourages you to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, leading to healthier lifestyle. Whether you have a celiac disease, have a gluten sensitivity or just want to kick start a healthier habit, below are just a few of the benefits of reducing or cutting out gluten from your daily diet.

– Help ease the digestive system

– Reduce chronic inflammation

– Promote healthy weight loss

– Give energy boost- gluten sensitivity often means suffering from chronic fatigue and gluten products damage intestine which impairs absorption of various important nutrients, so switching to a gluten free diet gives your intestine a chance to recover and restore essential nutrient absorption and improves energy levels

– Reduces depression

– Helps with joint pain

– Reduce bloating

– Celiac patients suffer from uncontrolled weight loss but when they change to a gluten free diet it helps them regain the lost weight as well as eliminating nutritional deficiencies therefore promoting healthy weight gain

At Snack Packs we appreciate that there are a lot of factors to consider always before making a life style change. However you can still benefit from our selection of healthy snacks instead of the traditional snacks that are full of harmful ingredients.

Whether you use our snack boxes as a transition or you establish that you wish to enjoy a more healthier range of treats in your lives, either way, Snack Packs monthly subscription box is the right choice for you and for your family.

Make Snack Packs your first yet very delicious step to a healthier future.

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What People are saying?

Ordered the vegan box from snack packs and I have to say, it came on time and the products inside are great value for money.

O. Fisher

Absolutely wonderful highly recommended, 5 stars all around, will buy again. thank you

J. Hartley

Bought the limited edition box as a gift, arrival was prompt, snacks were great, would definitely purchase again

Gloria S

Nice gluten free double up box, Extremely well packed with lots of snacks. Quick delivery. Highly recommended

Zach Marky
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