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What makes vegan snacks better than the traditional snacks? and why should you have these healthier options?

At Snack Packs we all strive to provide quality and cost effective healthy snacks delivered to your door and all of our snack boxes are either vegan or gluten free and sometimes both, and even if you are not vegan yourself, you can still benefit from just simply swapping your unhealthy snacks to these healthier snack options.

Feedback from our regular customers who are not vegan or have a gluten free dietary requirement all say that they don’t feel guilty having these healthier snack options and definitely don’t feel as if they are compromising on flavour.

No diet can guarantee longer and a healthy life, however leading a vegan diet that eliminates a number of unhealthy foods like cured meat, red meat, eating more vegetables and fruits can improve your odds. The following are just some of the health benefits associated with a vegan diet

-Reducing obesity- several studies show that a plant based diet can help shed excess weight.

-It is also linked to lowering risks of heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels.

-Can help control type 2 diabetes

-Help with hypertension- high blood pressure

Effects on the environment

From recycling our household rubbish to cycling to work, we’re all aware to live a greener life. One of the most effective things as individuals we can do to lower your carbon footprint is to avoid all animal products.

Raising animals for meat, milk, and dairy production wastes resources and damages the environment on a massive scale. Feeding farm animals, a huge portion of the calories and nutrients present in grains is turned to manure. Then this manure invariably pollutes local water supplies and chokes rivers and other bodies of water. Therefore the meat and dairy industries are now recognized as a leading contributor to climate change.

Animal welfare is only one approach to thinking seriously about the ethics of eating. The most important ideas offered by the animal protection movement relate not to animal welfare, but to animal rights as well.

Nearly everyone who thinks carefully about animal welfare ends up eating fewer animal-derived foods, since that’s the easiest and most reliable way to cut out cruelty.

All in all, we appreciate that there are a lot of factors to consider before making a life style change, however you can still benefit from the selection of healthy snacks instead of the harmful snacks that we normally are used to consuming. Whether you wish to use Snack Packs as a transition or decide you just want to enjoy a more healthier range of snacks in your lives, either way our monthly subscription box is the right choice for you and for your family.

Make Snack Packs your first yet a very delicious step to a healthier future.

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Ordered the vegan box from snack packs and I have to say, it came on time and the products inside are great value for money.

O. Fisher

Absolutely wonderful highly recommended, 5 stars all around, will buy again. thank you

J. Hartley

Bought the limited edition box as a gift, arrival was prompt, snacks were great, would definitely purchase again

Gloria S

Nice gluten free double up box, Extremely well packed with lots of snacks. Quick delivery. Highly recommended

Zach Marky
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