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The benefits of Snack Packs for Parents

The benefits of Snack Packs for Parents

Parents can find it really hard sometimes to implement a healthy snacking habit for themselves and their children and what works for toddlers might not work for pre-teens or teenagers.

Healthy snacks are an essential part of a growing child’s diet and helping children understand and providing them with a healthy relationship with food overall can contribute to your child’s emotional and physical well-being, which in turn lowers their anxiety levels, boosts their mood and lowers their emotional distress.

When the selection is left up to children, they often choose sweets and less healthy snack options. During the week children should have a midmorning and a mid-afternoon snack at school. Fruit, nuts, dried fruit and muesli bars are some great options but sometimes children, especially older age groups, like teenagers wish to have crisps, chocolates, popcorn, sweets and in the past this was a tricky balance to strike but with Snack Packs our snacks are a healthier treat option in comparison to the traditional high calorie snacks that most of our children’s and adults are accustomed to. You do not have to follow a vegan or gluten free diet in order to enjoy our snacks.

Even by making these small changes in your snacking habits you can start noticing a difference in your child’s behaviour. Who doesn’t like to have the occasional treat knowing that it is not bad for you or your family.

A healthier diet is known to increase a child’s focus in classrooms, which helps them remember vital information as well as retaining what they have learnt therefore helping in achieving better test results.

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What are the benefits of choosing Snack Packs?

  • We take snacking very seriously and strive to make your snacking experience as efficient as possible.
  • We search for the best quality snacks in the market from reputable companies. 
  • Our hard-working team have tested all the snacks that we offer in our snack boxes to make sure that snacks are not only healthy but taste good too.
  • We save you time and take the stress out of having to shop for your own snacks. Once you have selected a subscription option all you have to do is relax. Every month you will receive a pack full of amazing snacks that you and your whole family can enjoy.
  • Each box is hand packed with a variety of both sweet and savoury snacks. The snacks range from crisps, chocolate, popcorn, biscuit, cookies, olives, pretzel, dried fruits to sweets.
  • We offer vegan snack boxes and gluten free snack boxes available in three various size options, which include a mini snack box for up to 6 items, a standard snack box up to 10 items and then we have our ever-popular double up box that consists of up to 20 snacks. For a family of four we always recommend our double up box of 20 snacks, these are the same snacks that you receive for the 10 pack but you receive two of each snack without paying double the price.

So, if this is what you have been looking for then subscribe now and get delicious, healthier snacks delivered to your door hassle-free.

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