Benefits of corporate snack boxes

Benefits of our corporate snack boxes

The Express Newspaper reported a study that discovered that more than half of workers in Britain snack all the time at their office or workplace.

If you are in the corporate world and wish to discover and enjoy healthier snack options, then look no further, Snack Packs delivers healthier snacks straight to your workplace. We have an option of both vegan and gluten free snacks in a variety of subscription plans that suit every budget.

So why should you have healthier snacks rather than the traditional unhealthy snacks at your workplace?

Snacks are good for workplace culture

Providing healthier snacks for your employees can help promote workplace happiness and shows consideration towards their well-being, which helps improves engagement and productivity at your workplace.

Promotes company health

Many workers will love to have a bar of chocolate, a bag of crisps or a packet of biscuits but there are various healthier snacks that taste as delicious as the unhealthier snack options.

Boost productivity

Everyone knows that snacking helps people when they are under stress. Having healthier snacks ready and available for employees when they are stressed, will help increase productivity.

Improves energy levels

Offering healthier snacks for your employees will boost their energy levels. This will help employees work throughout the day feeling energised.

Whether you have a small or larger number of employees, our team will create a snack box that will suit your requirements and help you refuel your team members with a selection of healthier snacks.

What are the benefits of choosing Snack Packs for your workplace?

  • We take snacking very seriously and strive to make your snacking experience as efficient as possible.
  • We search for the best quality snacks in the market from reputable companies. 
  • Our hard-working team have tested all the snacks that we offer in our snack boxes to make sure that snacks are not only healthy but taste good too.
  • We save you time and take the stress out of having to shop for your own office snacks. Once you have selected a subscription option all you have to do is relax. Every month you will receive a pack full of amazing snacks that you and your whole team can enjoy.
  • Once you have received our snack box, your staff will not have to go out of the office looking for healthier snack options, which will not only aid their wellbeing but improve productivity too.
  • Each box is hand packed with a variety of both sweet and savoury snacks. The snacks range from crisps, chocolate, popcorn, biscuit, cookies, olives, pretzel, dried fruits to sweets.
  • So far, we offer vegan snack boxes and gluten free snack boxes available in three various size options, we offer a mini snack box that includes up to 6 items, our standard snack box includes up to 10 items and then we have our ever-popular double up box that consists of up to 20 snacks.
  • Easy solutions for both your on-site employee’s and the working from home employees. We have an option where you can also send individual snack boxes to the team members that are working from home (across mainland UK).
  • Budget friendly options available for your snacking needs

So, if this is what you have been looking for then contact us for more information and start giving your team members on the go, convenient, delicious, and healthier snacks today.

Want Healthy Snacks?

Our subscription boxes are healthy and great value

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