New Spring Limited Edition Box

new spring limited edition box

New Spring Limited Edition Box

Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be and to celebrate this new season we have launched a Snack Pack which contains some amazing new sweet and savoury products. The selection of snacks are both vegan and gluten free so treat yourself or a loved one with this snack pack filled with guilt free treats.

1. Our first snack is the new Candy Kittens Eton Mess which is a classic British combination of strawberries & cream a blend of big flavours with honest ingredients to bring sweets that taste as great as they look, without compromises.

2. The second snack is in this box is one of the Popchips Veg Vibes, you will receive either the Sriracha flavour or the Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar flavour. This snack  tastes great and is made of the good stuff. Bringing you a plant-based snack that's crunchy and big on flavour. Chickpeas, rice & sweet potato popped, not fried.

3. The third snack is the Propercorn Salted Caramel. A delicious snack that is vegan, gluten free and only 97 calories per serve. The perfect popcorn for staying in. Butterfly corn, seasoned with the perfect balance of sea salt, sweet raw cane sugar and bespoke seasoning for a distinctive, caramelised glaze and an indulgent Salted Caramel flavour.

4. The forth snack is the Nutri Licious Himalayan Salt. These are crunchy pumpkin seeds coated in Himalayan salt. A healthy savoury snack to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Enjoy this snack anytime.

5. Our fifth snack in this amazing snack pack is the Trek White Choc & Raspberry bar. This delicious flavour was created to emulate the gorgeous flavours of white chocolate and raspberry blondies but without all the unhealthy ingredients! Instead, they have created the TREK flapjack bar with scrumptious white chocolate flavour topping and raspberry sprinkles, filled with gluten free oats and 9g of plant based protein for slow-releasing, feel good energy which will have you feeling fuller for longer

snack packs helping parents with healthy snacks

6. The sixth snack is the Cheeky P’s. Again you will either receive the BBQ flavour or the Chilli & Lime flavour. Both flavours are a crunchy tasty sensations that are both nutritious and packed with punchy flavours. High in protein and fibre, gluten free and vegan friendly. Great protein snack after a workout, delicious topped on meals, and perfect with a drink.

7. The seven snack is the Perkier Goji & Cranberry Quinoa. This bar is a combination of juicy cranberries, goji berries to create a berry-licious bar which is going to leave you feeling full and energised. You can enjoy this bar as a tasty breakfast, mid-morning snack, on-the-go, post workout or as a satisfying afternoon treat.

8. The eight snack in this box is the Welly & Truly Smokey Paprika flavour crisps. This snack is great if you wish to share.! Made from all natural ingredients, naughty new flavours to try in the upcoming snack packs. Under 150 cals, no added sugar and are gluten free and vegan friendly

9. The ninth snack is the Nutri Licious Milk Chocolate covered pumpkin seeds.. At Snack Packs our team were surprised at this product and that is why we had to add it to our spring box. These crunchy pumpkin seeds are coated in a thin layer of delicious Vegan milk chocolate (45% cocoa solids). A healthy snack to satisfy sweet cravings without much sugar or carbohydrates.

10. Last but not least our tenth and final delicious snack in this box is the Properchips BBQ Lentil Chips. Lentils are high in protein and a source of fibre and iron, the perfect ingredient to make chips. These lentil chips are seasoned with sweet, spicy and smoky chipotle pepper for a tangy barbecue flavour. They are vegan, gluten-free and made using all-natural seasonings.

So if your mouth is watering just reading this selection of snacks, then do not delay and order our Limited Edition Spring 2022 Snack Pack today! And let your tastebuds thank us later.

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