Tips for a gluten-free diet


Tips for a gluten-free diet

Most people can eat gluten without experiencing any side effects. However, people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease cannot tolerate it. Along with, people with other disorders like wheat allergy and non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

A gluten-free diet can offer many health benefits because cutting back on gluten encourages you to eat more fruit and vegetables, leading to a healthier lifestyle.

However, we understand that just because you are gluten intolerant or want to lead a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean that you do not still wish to have a treat now and again. There are plenty of gluten-free natural food snacks such as vegetables, fruits and nuts and by using these ingredients and some easy recipes you can make some great at home snacks. Normally snacks bought from shops tend to involve a lot of gluten but here at Snack Packs, we have some easy on the go snacking solutions that will satisfy your cravings.

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Below are just a few helpful tips that can help you to follow a gluten-free diet successfully:

  • Try and plan: Whether you are travelling aboard, or going to an event, try and research as much as possible ahead of time.
  • Invest in some cookbooks: Buying a few gluten-free cook books might inspire you to be more creative with your cooking which in turn will make meals more enjoyable.
  • Reading labels on food: You must get in the habit of reading food/packaging labels in order to identify any foods that may contain gluten.
  • Going to restaurants: When people go out for a meal it can be tricky to stay on your diet. The key to eating out at a restaurant is to plan ahead. Once you know which restaurant you will be going to, then either call the restaurant or check their online menu to see if they offer gluten-free options. Also always enquire about cross contamination policies. However, even if a restaurant doesn’t have a dedicated gluten-free menu then don’t worry certain options are likely to be available to you. You can always opt for soups or stews that are not prepared with flour as a thickening agent. Select stir-fried, steamed, roasted vegetables, grilled or smoked meats and seafood made with gluten-free sauces or a salad without croutons.
  • Inform your friends of changes in your diet: If your friends are aware that you are on a particular diet, they are then more likely to choose restaurants with gluten-free menus when you eat out.
  • Use separate utensils. If you share a kitchen with friends or family members, you don’t want to accidentally contaminate your foods with gluten from other people’s food, make sure you use separate cooking and cleaning equipment.
  • Take your own food: When visiting a family event or get together, sometime it is advisable to take gluten free bread, snacks or pasta, this way if you cannot find food at the event that is suitable for your diet you will still have something to eat and you will also not feel left out.

Our gluten-free Snack Packs are ideal for such occasions, our snacks are great for a night in or even better for on the go. We source the highest quality products that are delicious too and only once we are completely happy with the snacks, then we add them to our selection and send them to our loyal customers. This saves you not only time but you also get to try a selection of snacks that you may not have tried before.

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